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  • Zachos, Paul. 2010. Where will standards based grading take us?
  • Zachos, Paul & Pruzek, Robert. 2008. A Constructive Role for the Federal Government in Education: New Directions for Policy and Practice.
  • Zachos, Paul. 2007. From Standards to Valued Learning Outcomes: The need for a new unit of information in standards based educational reform. To obtain the latest version of this document, please contact Paul Zachos.
  • Doane, William E. J.  Rice, Rebekah R. & Zachos, Paul. 2006.  Knowing When You Don’t Know: Supporting teaching and learning using a new generation of tests.  The Science Teacher, vol. 73 no. 4, 46-49, National Science Teachers Association, Arlington, Virginia.  To obtain a printed copy of the article please contact Paul Zachos.
  • Zachos, Paul. 2005. Equity and AssessmentThe Science Teachers Bulletin, Fall 2005, Volume 69, Number 1, 12-16
  • Rice, Rebekah R, Zachos, Paul,  Burgin, Jennifer & Doane, William E. J.  2005.  In the Beginning, There Were Sun and Shadows: Using Stories in Science Teaching presented the at the Eighth Conference of the International History, Philosophy and Science Teaching Group (IHPST) Leeds, England, July 2005
  • Zachos, Paul. 2004. Discovering the True Nature of Educational Assessment. Research Bulletin, 9(2), 7-12. The Research Institute for Waldorf Education.
  • Zachos, Paul. 2004. Pendulum phenomena and the assessment of scientific inquiry capabilities. In M. Matthews, C. Gauld and A. Stinner (Eds.) The Pendulum: Scientific, Historical, Philosophical & Educational Perspectives, 349-362. Springer, Dordrecht.  Also published in Science and Education, 13, 743-756, 2004. - Hard copies of the paper are available, please contact Paul Zachos.
  • Zachos, Paul. 2004. A New Direction for Regents Examinations in Science Education. Perspectives on Science Education. January, 3-5. New York State Science Education Leadership Association.
  • Zachos, Paul, Robert L. Pruzek, & Thomas L. Hick. 2003. Approaching Error in Science and Science Education. Seventh Annual IHPST Conference Proceedings, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.
  • Zachos, Paul, Thomas L. Hick, William E. J. Doane, & Cynthia Sargent. 2000. Setting theoretical and empirical foundations for assessing scientific inquiry and discovery in educational programs. The Journal of Research in Science Teaching, 37(9), 938-962. - Hard copies of the paper are available, please contact Paul Zachos.
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