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Conversations in Science & Education

Where are you from?
The place where the Gold glitters.
What is brighter than Gold?
What is more precious than Light?

    (From The Fairy Tale of the White Lily and the Green Snake by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)

Conversations in Science and Education  is a series of presentations and discussions including scientists, teachers, and interested members of the community. Its goals are to broaden our horizons, foster a public dialogue that supports solutions to problems in science, mathematics, technology, and education.

Following a successful series of public meetings in 2002 and 2003 [see archived presentations below] Conversations in Science and Education has continued as an internal activity for associates of ACASE.  In particular we have been devoting our attention to issues of creativity and school reform. We are planning to re-open the public forum in the Fall and Winter of 2006. For more information contact Paul Zachos.

All meetings are held at 110 Spring Street, Saratoga Springs, New York, unless otherwise noted. [directions]


We are always soliciting new topics; please contact Paul Zachos with your ideas.

Archived Presentations

Playing With Fire- Beyond Global Warming

Phenomenal and Model Based Approaches to Science and Science Education: Part One
Phenomenal and Model Based Approaches to Science and Science Education: Part Two

Presenters: Thomas Shiland - "The Use of an Assessment Probe to Improve Instruction on a Unit Related to Solutions in High School Chemistry"; Christian Sweningsen - "Cohesion and Hooke's Law: An Introduction to the Nature of Matter"; Jane Cappiello - "A Mental Model Building Unit of Matter for Eighth Grade Physical Science Students"; Michael D'Aleo - "Matter and Atoms: A Deeper Look Into Process and Substance."


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